UPCOMING EVENT: Australian National Archaeology Week 2018

A reminder that National Archaeology Week (20-26 May 2018) is fast approaching!

If you have an event you wish to advertise, or if you want to check out what’s on, go to: http://www.archaeologyweek.com/ where you’ll find a state-by-state events list. You can also find National Archaeology Week on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archaeologyweek/

The state representatives are:
NSW – Helen Nicholson – nhelen@tpg.com.au
Qld – Paddy Waterson – paddy.waterson@gmail.com
SA – Antoinette Hennessy – antoinette.hennessy@flinders.edu.au
Tas – Samuel Dix – samuel.dix@griffithuni.edu.au
Vic – Caroline Spry – c.spry@latrobe.edu.au
WA – Wendy Reynen – wa@australianarchaeology.com

And if you are posting on social media, please remember to use the hashtag #2018NAW