SHAP presentation: Lithodomos Virtual Reality

Lithodomos VR presented at the recent SHAP workshop in Sydney. The technology they produce may be of interest for site interpretations.

Shortly after its seed funding round earlier this year, Lithodomos VR further cemented its reputation as the leading archaeology VR content production studio when it took to the road on an European tour of epic proportions in order to showcase samples of its work. Fellow archaeologists, museums directors, tour operators and university students were spellbound and delighted in: Spain, Italy, Malta, Israel, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Portugal. Those who experienced Lithodomos VR’s archaeologically accurate content were consistently astonished and delighted by what they saw. The excitement was most tangible when demonstrations took place at archaeological sites at precisely georeferenced locations. “I think it helps you engage more, especially when some of what’s left is just at the bottom of a pillar”, remarked a young British visitor to the Athenian agora.

Lithodomos VR is being secretive about its future projects. However, it has indicated that their mobile VR experience will soon be deployed at two major European locations. “We’re working on something that’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” stated a company spokesperson. “Tourism, archaeology, and education will never be the same again.”

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