Written by Michael Lever

The NSW Archaeology Reading Group will next meet at 6.30pm on Monday 10th April at Unit 94 / 120 Saunders Street, Pyrmont.

To satisfy participant demands for Historical archaeology content, theory content, and some Binford, I’ve dug out a couple of my favourite items to read, centering around the topic: Binford & Historical Archaeology

Be assured, they are not your characteristic slog through Binfordian hyperbole and hypothetico-deductive puritanism. They are relatively light & I think captivating reads, and also illustrate change in Binford over time.

The two items are:

1) Binford, L. 1977: ‘Historical Archaeology – It It Historical or Archaeological?’ Pp13-22 in L. Ferguson (ed) Historical Archaeology and the Importance of Material Things. Special Publication Series Number 2. Society for Historical Archaeology (USA).

2) Binford, L & M Thurman 1998: Conversations with Lewis R. Binford on Historical Archaeology. Historical Archaeology, Vol. 32, No. 2 (1998), pp. 28-55

If you have any difficulty locating either of these, please contact me and I will supply ([email protected] / 0413 564 995).