UPCOMING EVENT: Sydney reading group

Following the success of our first session, the NSW Archaeology Reading Group will be meeting again at 6.30pm on Monday 6th March at Unit 94 / 120 Saunders Street, Pyrmont. We will be reading the following three articles suggested by attendants at the last meet. They are all fairly brief and there is no pressure to read all three – reading one article and engaging in discussion is fine. If you have any difficulty locating these items please contact me for a PDF.

While these articles are all on Aboriginal heritage and archaeology, the group is open to read any topics that attendants propose. If you plan on attending, feel free to bring snacks or drinks to share and please do RSVP to [email protected], or 0413 564 995.

Bradley, J. 2008. When a Stone Tool is a Dingo, in B. David (ed) Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. P633-637

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