The Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia and New Zealand

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The Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia and New Zealand

This volume contains papers on various aspects of the archaeology and history of the colonial whaling industry in Australia and New Zealand. Most of the papers were presented at a 1997 two-day conference on the archaeology of whaling held at La Trobe University, Melbourne.

115 pages, B&W illustrations throughout.


Introduction: The AWSANZ Project – Susan Lawrence and Mark Staniforth

Part One: Regional Overviews of Whaling Research

  • An Historical and Archaeological Overview of the Whaling Industry in New South Wales and Norfolk Island – Denis Gojak
  • A Survey of the Tasmanian Shore-Based Whaling Industry – Mike Nash
  • Whaling Sites in Victoria – Leah McKenzie
  • Whaling and Sealing Shipwreck Sites in Victoria – Ross Anderson
  • Colonial Boats and Foreign Ships: The History and Archaeology of Nineteenth Century Whaling in Western Australia – Martin Gibbs
  • The New Zealand Shore Whaling Industry – Nigel Prickett

Part Two: Case Studies

  • Three Whaling Station Sites on the West Coast of South Australia: Fowlers Bay, Sleaford Bay and Streaky Bay – Mark Staniforth
  • Whaling at Wilsons Promontory, Victoria in the 1840s – Jane Lennon
  • Shore Whaling Sites of Banks Peninsula: An Archaeological Survey – Chris Jacomb

Part Three: Thematic Studies

  • Whales and Whaling at the Australian National Maritime Museum – Patricia Miles
  • ‘If the Government Think Proper to Support It’: Issues of Relevance to Australian Whaling in the Demise of the British Southern Whale Fishery – Dale Chatwin
  • Interpreting the Shipping Data for Australian Whaling – Michael Pearson
  • Sealing and Whaling Seascapes – Iain Stuart
  • ‘When Whaling Was a War’: An Examination of Conflict in Tasmanian Bay Whaling – Parry Kostoglou
  • An Integrated Approach to the Archaeology of Whaling – Susan Lawrence