About Australasian Historical Archaeology

Journal Cover - volume 37 2019

Australasian Historical Archaeology is the annual journal produced by the Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology. It is a leading journal for the publication of new research in the Historical Archaeology of Australia and New Zealand and elsewhere in the Pacific and Asia. It is the only journal on Historical Archaeology produced in Australian and New Zealand.

It began publication in 1983 as The Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology. When the society was renamed in 1991, the journal took on its present name.

A Code of Conduct sets out the expectations for authors, editors, reviewers and members of the Editorial Board. It has been written with reference to the Committee on Publication Ethics’ (COPE) Guidelines on Good Publication Practice.


Australasian Historical Archaeology is issued once a year, typically in December. Each current member receives a hard copy of the present year’s journal when it is published, or after they pay their membership fees. Members also have free access to electronic copies of the four previous volumes of the journal.

All volumes of the journal more than 5 years old are available for free download from this website. Australasian Historical Archaeology is also hosted by a number of other subscription-based journal databases.


The editors of Australasian Historical Archaeology accept submissions of original articles relevant to the research and practice of Historical Archaeology in Australasia and the wider region. Contributions from other regions will also be considered by the editors. Papers are accepted in the following categories:

  • Articles 5,000–6,000 words (excluding references) and 6–8 figures/tables
  • Research reports 1,500–3,000 words (excluding references) and 4–5 figures/tables
  • Thesis abstracts 100–350 words

Further information regarding submission of manuscripts can be found here


For more information contact the Editorial Panel:
Eleanor Casella, Andrew Wilson, Matthew Kelly and Denis Gojak
[email protected]