CANBERRA ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY-AUSTRALASIAN SOCIETY FOR HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL SYMPOSIUM 2022 A report from Richard Morrison (ACT ASHA representative). This very successful, half-day event was held on 30 April in the 2022 ACT and Region Heritage Festival and was the Symposium’s fourth year (the 2020 Festival was cancelled because of Covid).  This year’s event venue was held …


National Archaeology Week

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated all things archaeology in National Archaeology Week (NAW).  I was lucky enough to be part of a couple of events in Sydney and thought I would share my experiences.  My first event was on the first Sunday of the week. Not only was it NAW it was also …

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Blog Posts

A few people have asked how to submit a blog post. I could just write the instructions down and post those but…. that would be dull! So I have written a short blog as an example. Meet Mr Sweetser This week I have been cataloguing some miscellaneous artefacts for a project in Parramatta. Amongst the …

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Recovering Convict Lives: A Historical Archaeology of the Port Arthur Penitentiary

Kindly sent in and written by Dr. Richard Tuffin After nearly three years of careful gestation, the latest ASHA book has hit the shelves. Magisterially titled, Recovering Convict Lives: A Historical Archaeology of the Port Arthur Penitentiary, it is sure to be filling stockings this Christmas. Wrought with love by Richard Tuffin, David Roe, Sylvana Szydzik, …

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A Pit in PNG

In October 1942, during the Kokoda Campaign in Papua New Guinea (PNG), two Japanese soldiers died in a small pit in the Eora Creek valley opposing the Australian Army’s advance north. Archaeological work between 2011 and 2019 has recovered their remains, identified their role in the battle and more recently uncovered what probably killed these …

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Judy Birmingham: impressions and influences

David Frankel has written a great blog featuring Judy Birmingham on the AAIA website. It deals with historical archaeology and has some really great photos. The link is below if you would like to check it out

Governors’ Domain and Civic Precinct listing

ASHA members will have been pleased with the announcement that a large section of central Sydney has been added to the National Heritage List as the Governors’ Domain and Civic Precinct. ( The 100-hectare area includes Macquarie Place, First Government House site, Government House, the Conservatorium of Music, Parliament House, the Mint, Hyde Park Barracks, …

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