South Australia

Compiled by Adam Patterson

Sites to visit

Flinders University Archaeology Department

The Flinders University Archaeology Department is actively involved in historical archaeological research, and often undertakes surveys and excavations of historical archaeological sites. A range of information is included within the Archaeology Department web site including links to web pages presenting past and present research projects; a digital library with honours masters and PhD theses available for download as well as published books and monographs written by staff and students at Flinders University. The site also includes links to archaeology news and events and the Flinders University Archaeology Department email list (FUAD).

South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage (Heritage Branch)

The Heritage Branch of the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, aim to “identify, protect, conserve and promote” South Australian heritage places and maritime heritage. The Heritage Branch administer the Heritage Places Act 1993 which is relevant to practicing historical archaeology in South Australia. An exciting and innovative feature of this web site is the virtual tours of South Australia’s State Heritage Areas, and Ships Graveyards.

The Port Its Happening – latest news in the Port

Land Management Corporation press describing recent historical archaeological test excavations undertaken by Flinders University Archaeology Department at Birkenhead, South Australia.

ABC Adelaide – Stories

Audio File of Hamish Angus Senior Heritage Officer Department of Environment and Heritage discussing history of the Queens Theatre, Adelaide, including description of the historical archaeological excavations undertaken at the site in the late 1980s.

Regional and site publications

Smith, P A., D Pate, R. Martin (eds) 2006 Valleys of stone: the archaeology and history of Adelaide’s hills face. Kopi Books, Belair, South Australia

Piddock, Susan (2007) A Space of Their Own. The Archaeology of Nineteenth Century Lunatic Asylums in Britain, South Australia and Tasmania. Springer, New York.

Arthur, D. & A. Paterson (eds.) 2004, Proceedings of the National Archaeology Students Conference 2004: Explorations, Investigations and New Directions, NASC, Flinders University, South Australia.

Lawrence and Staniforth (eds) 1998 The Archaeology of Whaling in Southern Australia and New Zealand, The Australasian Society of Historical Archaeology and the Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology Special Publication 10

Flinders University Maritime Archaeology Monograph Series – available from Department of Archaeology Flinders University – go to

South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, publications – go to


The South Australian Heritage Places Act 1993 provides for the protection and management of heritage places of historical, geological or archaeological significance to the State. The Act details criteria for assessing the significance of heritage places for listing on the State Heritage Register and includes special protection to historic archaeological heritage places and artefacts see Part 5: Div 1: Sections 26 and 27.

The South Australian Development Act 1993 provides for the protection of heritage places of local significance. The Act details criteria for assessing the significance of heritage places for listing on local heritage registers as part of development control plans.