ASHA Conference 2023 – The past in the present

19-23 September 2023, Mackay, Queensland.

Photo credit: Sky Window lookout, showing the upper Pioneer Valley, ©Queensland Museum, Gary Cranitch, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

  • A photograph of a man holding a prismatic mirror and staff while surveying a cellar with a colleague in the background. Photo taken at the excavations at Old Owen Springs, July 2013. Image courtesy of David Steinberg
    Excavations at Old Owen Springs, July 2013, image courtesy of David Steinberg

    Welcome to ASHA

    Since 1970 we have been promoting the use of archaeological methods to study the last three hundred years in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. We’re an incorporated society – run for and by members. Membership is open to all those who are interested in historical archaeology – practitioners, students, and amateurs alike.

    Core things we do include publishing an academic journal Australasian Historical Archaeology, maintaining a blog, and organising events such as our annual conference, reading groups, workshops, and social gatherings. We also maintain an email discussion list and social media presence.

    Come and join us in a conversation about the archaeology of the past and the ruins of the future.

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