Volume 36: 2018


  • Denis Gojak and Kris Courtney | Squatters Budgeree: a distinctive clay tobacco pipe produced for the Australian colonial market
  • Michael Macphail and Timothy Owen | What was growing along the Tank Stream Valley, Sydney Cove, in 1788?
  • James L. Flexner, Julie S. Field, Mark D. McCoy, Thegn N. Ladefoged and Patrick V. Kirch | Foreign Material Culture from Hawaiian households in Leeward Kohala
  • Adele Zubrzycka, Martin J. Jones, Stuart Bedford, James L. Flexner, Matthew Spriggs and Richard Shing | Misi Gete’s mission house: Archaeological investigations of the oldest surviving colonial building in the New Hebrides
  • Rhian Jones | ‘Send My Love’: Defiance and Material Culture at the Parramatta Industrial School for Girls
  • Peter Davies and Susan Lawrence | Pioneers of goldfields water management: the Lal Lal Waterworks Association
  • Thomas J. O’Connell and Elsa Koenig | Radcliffe’s Stone Arch Bridge and the Travellers’ Rest Hotel: A tale of interlinked elements within New Zealand’s 19th-century colonial land-based transport network
  • Maeve Platts and Ian Smith | Measuring Use-wear on Glass Vessels to Understand Their Reuse: A Case Study from 19th Century Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Rebecca Parkes, Shawn Ross, Adela Sobotkova, Tanya Evans, Penny Crook, Susan Lupack, Grace Karskens, Fiona Leslie and John Merson | Ruined Castle Shale Mining Settlement, Katoomba NSW: Report on a Pilot Survey


Cover of Australasian Historical Archaeology volume 36 (2019)