Volume 38: 2020

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  • Editorial
  • Harold Mytum | The early development of Australian cemetery commemorative strategies: insights from Parramatta
  • Nadia Bajzelj and Christopher Biagi | Brothel material culture from the Jones Lane Archaeological Precinct Melbourne
  • Brendan Marshall | Gullies, a town grid and a historical tip: the archaeological site at Harding Park Geelong
  • John Pickard | Fencing with Saltbush Bill: the potential of using Eric Jolliffe’s cartoons in historical archaeology
  • Nick Hadnutt and Geraldine Mate | Characterising the Queensland Museum Historical Archaeology collection: fostering engagement through partnerships
  • F. Donald Pate, Maciej Henneberg, Timothy J. Anson, Timothy D. Owen, Jeffrey Newchurch, Neale Draper, Chantal Wight, Teghan Lucas, Ian Moffat, Laura S. Weyrich, Emily Skelly, John Naumann, Angela Gurr, Calvin Logan and Jenna Walsh | A stable, inexpensive and widely available burial environment or keeping place for archaeological or historical human skeletal remains
  • Ashley Matic | Identifying the Tadji Beauforts: utilising non-invasive investigation techniques to determine identities for a group of World War Two aircraft wrecks near Aitape, Papua New Guinea
  • Book reviews
  • James Flexner with assistance from Helen Leach | Ian W.G. Smith
  • Thesis Abstracts
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Cover of Australasian Historical Archaeology volume 38 (2020)