Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Australasian Historical Archaeology (AHA)  is annual, peer reviewed journal published by the Australian Society of Historical Archaeology since 1983.

This Code of Conduct was prepared in 2018 to set out the expectations for authors, editors, reviewers and members of the Editorial Board. It was written with reference to the Committee on Publication Ethics’ (COPE) Guidelines on Good Publication Practice.

Authors’ Responsibilities

  1. Submit original work that is not published elsewhere or under consideration by another journal.
  2. Clearly cite all quotations or ideas borrowed from other works
  3. Document permission to reproduce copyrighted images
  4. Declare conflicts of interest
  5. Comply with any required ethics practices at their institution
  6. All authors must have significantly contributed to the research on which the submission is based
  7. Participate in the peer-review process
  8. Advise the editors of errors or mistakes which come to light during or after publication

Editors’ Responsibilities

  1. Publish the journal in a timely fashion
  2. Treat all submissions with strict confidentiality
  3. Ensure all papers are subject to confidential and impartial peer-review
  4. Declare conflicts of interest
  5. Treat allegations of research misconduct impartially and confidentially
  6. Publish corrections or retractions for previous works, as advised by authors
  7. Refer to COPE’s guidelines for matters not covered by this Code.

Editorial Board Responsibilities

  1. Where assisting editors with the production of AHA, follow the Code outlined above.
  2. Treat editorial board discussions confidentially
  3. Declare conflicts of interest

Peer-reviewer’s Responsibilities

  1. Treat all submission with strict confidentiality
  2. Declare conflicts of interest
  3. Make objective judgements in accordance with the editors’ requirements
  4. Provide impartial and constructive feedback

Last Updated: September 2018.