Thesis Abstracts

From time to time, ASHA has published honours, masters and PhD thesis abstracts in either the Newsletter or Australasian Historical Archaeology.

At the present time, these have not been collected into a single unified database. However, this page aims to collect some of these published collections of abstracts, as the Web Manager becomes aware of them.

If you are researching historical archaeology and searching for theses, you should check other sources, such as the federated library catalogue search in Trove (theses can appear there as either books or datasets). A broader collection of Australian archaeological thesis abstracts is maintained by the Australian Archaeological Association. ASHA is not responsible for the content of these external links.

ASHA does not hold copies of any of these theses. Interested researchers should contact either the relevant university department, library or scholar. Frequently theses are available online, either through university websites or through third-party sites such as