Volume 33: 2015


  • Gretel Boswijk and Duncan Munro | Making productive space from sawmill waste: timber production and reclamation
at Kohukohu, Northland, New Zealand (1879–1912)
  • Stephen Muller | Colonial experiences of death, burial and memorialisation in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide: 
applying a phenomenological approach to cultural landscapes in historical archaeology
  • Penny Crook, Richard Mackay and Parry Kostoglou | Building colonial histories: the archaeology of the Menzies Centre
site, Hobart
  • Fiona Starr | An archaeology of improvisation: convict artefacts from Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, 1819–1848
  • Brett J. Stubbs and Jane Gardiner | ‘A subtle and evasive thing’: mercury refining in northern New South Wales in the early twentieth century
  • John Pickard | Stone walls near Jindabyne NSW: European fences, not Aboriginal stone arrangements

Research Reports

  • Sean Winter and Tom Whitley | The Fremantle Prison Project
  • Jonathan Prangnell and Linda Terry | White granite in Brisbane


Cover of Australasian Historical Archaeology volume 33 (2015)