An unofficial guide to e-resources

Many practising archaeologists and heritage practitioners find it hard to access journals and other e-resources without institutional affiliations. However there are plenty of free and library-subscription based resources available to Australian and New Zealand residents. This list provides a brief selection. Many require a library card, but these are available free of charge from the relevant libraries. Eligibility generally is based on residency not citizenship – so you only need to live in a state or territory to access the subscription resources of your state library.

National and State libraries – e-resources pages

Selected journal databases

These databases are very useful for accessing journals relevant to historical archaeologists working in Australia and New Zealand such as Historical Archaeology (Jstor), International Journal of Historical Archaeology (Jstor), International Journal of Heritage Studies (Jstor, 3 year moving wall), Historic Environment (Informit), The Great Circle (Jstor and Informit), Australian Archaeology (Jstor, 7 year moving wall)

Sometimes a specific open-access database might find an open access copy of an article or book you are looking for…

Some specific journals and newspapers also will be useful…

This selection of resources is only a selection of the large number of e-resources available through Australian and New Zealand Library subscriptions. Explore these and discover your favourites. Let us know if you find anything that you would like to add to this page!

GIS and Map databases

There are many places to find online and open sources of maps and spatial data that are helpful for archaeologists. These are some that may be of interest to ASHA members.

Open access books

Many academic publishers offer open access to some of their back catalogue.

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