Archaeology in the Pub

On Wednesday 28 February ASHA hosted Archaeology in the Pub. Annabelle Thompson came along and sent in a blog about her evening.

This Wednesday I attended my second ever Archaeology in the Pub and it just gets better every time!
This time the event was held at the White Cockatoo in the Inner West, making it super convenient to
attend, and this was reflected in the number of people who registered. There were around 20
people who attended, it was great to reconnect with friends, hangout with colleagues and meet all
the newcomers.

It was particularly exciting to see a couple of students in attendance, actively making new
connections and networking! I even had the pleasure of running into someone from my university
days who is eager to kickstart their career in archaeology.

Amongst all the beers, chitchats, and some networking we even had the option to play some trivia,
which added a fun and competitive element to the night. After mingling with everyone, most of us
split into two teams for trivia. This allowed me to get to know some new people better in the smaller
groups while having a lot of fun. For those who didn’t wish to participate in trivia, there were still
plenty of opportunities to socialise, there was still a group of people hanging out at the table,
and most people came around to the trivia teams for a quick chat while grabbing a drink anyway.

I cannot wait for the next Archaeology in the Pub! I’m intrigued to find out where it will be held next
and if there will be another engaging activity for everyone to enjoy.