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A few people have asked how to submit a blog post. I could just write the instructions down and post those but…. that would be dull!

So I have written a short blog as an example.

Meet Mr Sweetser

This week I have been cataloguing some miscellaneous artefacts for a project in Parramatta. Amongst the artefacts was a fountain pen nib with a manufacturers mark. This led me to Mr. George Sweetser, a mechanical engineer responsible for the invention of a patent for a plunger-filling ink mechanism that promised a simple method of getting ink into a fountain pen that was guaranteed not to leak. Previously pens were filled using the ‘eye dropper method’. This involved unscrewing the reservoir from the pen, and simply dropping ink in with a small pipette, or eye dropper. This was effective but messy!

Mr Sweester was not only a mechanical engineer and inventor, but also a roller-skating champion (known to have skated into his 80s) and was well-known as a female impersonator on the vaudeville circuit. 

This blog is short, has an image ( not a necessity but is nice) and is informative in a casual style. To get a blog published send it to [email protected]. It is that easy. The content will be checked for spelling etc as well as appropriateness and then posted.

I look forward to receiving your blogs

Happy writing